A Message from Our Director

It is the mission of The Canaan Ridge School to provide all children a safe and stimulating learning environment. We recognize learning styles and intellectual strengths and plan instruction to meet the needs of the individual learner. We are cultivating the seeds that, with care and guidance, will grow to become members of a community greater than that of Canaan Ridge. With tremendous responsibility in mind, we share a partnership with parents to encourage the social behavior necessary to be part of a civilized society and provide the children with the academic skills that they will employ as they meet with confidence the challenges that await them. It is with tireless dedication, the highest of expectations and a love for children that we welcome your child to begin the journey of life long learning at The Canaan Ridge School.

Founded in 1977, The Canaan Ridge School has enriched the lives of a great many children. We provide an exceptional educational experience, offering a balance of an outstanding academic program, along with art, music, physical education, computers, science, chess and languages. This experience is what draws students back to visit years later as they realize more fully the gift that Canaan Ridge has given them. All schools can praise their programs, and say those perennial, long-standing phrases such as “…to achieve a life long love of learning…” But it is all reflected in the outcome. Has the school program really met its goal? Do children leave the school well prepared with a good, solid foundation to go forward and base all future learning on what they had learned in their early grades? HERE AT CANAAN RIDGE, THIS IS WHAT WE STRIVE FOR…THIS IS WHAT WE ACHIEVE!

Why is Canaan Ridge special?

Canaan Ridge plants the seed of curiosity, as children learn about this world they live in.
Canaan Ridge gives our Little Beginners the best advantage with welcoming and enjoyable material.
Canaan Ridge gives early academic skills for 3 and 4 year olds with age appropriate activities. We accelerate each child’s reading program when interest is shown.
Canaan Ridge gives each child individual attention in the academic program. Our ratio is 5:1 for all Kindergarten, First, Second, Third and Fourth grade children.
Canaan Ridge gives Kindergarten and First grade programs together.
Canaan Ridge gives the Second through Fourth grade programs together. Students in these grades share their talents, highpoints and academic skills with one another!
Canaan Ridge teachers take a personal interest in seeing that each child succeeds.
Canaan Ridge surrounds our children with beautiful background music in all classrooms and hallways, daily. This imparts a lasting love of music, and a soothing effect on all.
Canaan Ridge is a school that promotes a child’s exposure to learning and is not based on age level, but the readiness to take on advanced material.
Canaan Ridge prides itself on being a very internationally diverse school, with many different cultures present in our classrooms.